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Grow Your Business With Marketing That Works


We help companies do a better job of attracting
their ideal clients to increase sales.

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Attract Your Ideal Customers

With Marketing That Works

Consistency & Clarity

You will have a consistent, clarified message across all message distribution channels. Your team will all be on the same page.

Get More Meetings

You will develop better and deeper relationships with prospective buyers and book more meetings.

Increased Sales

See sales increase by connecting better with prospective buyers when you solve their biggest problems.

Is Confusing Marketing Costing You?

How many buyers don't understand why they need your product?

How many buyers refuse to meet with you or your sales team?

How many quarters have you missed your sales goals?


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Testimonials That Work

Testimonials are one of the best ways to demonstrate your authority as a Guide for your customers by confirming that you can help them overcome the problem you solve.

Get this course where I teach you my proven method for creating testimonials that work. 

I show you, step-by-step, how to:

  1. Gather feedback from your customers
  2. Draft a testimonial based on the feedback they provide
  3. Get the testimonial approved by your customer
  4. How to finalize and then use the testimonial to demonstrate your authority as the Guide for your customers
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We Love When Our Customers Win...

“Clarified Marketing helps you discover your own unique story…”

Although we know what we do, explaining it in a way that connects with people can be difficult and frustrating. Russ helped us distill what we do into a concise and clear message that connects with the customers we serve. We liked how he pulled the words out of us, and the process was very organic. Russ over-delivered!

Dr. Eric Snow & Katie Snow, PharmD

"I have renewed clarity and direction for my marketing..."

Oh, My GOODNESS! Just got off the phone with Russ and my mind is BLOWN! What a goldmine of information. My husband and I own two businesses, and I only asked him to review marketing for one of my companies. But Russ went above and beyond and reviewed BOTH businesses. I have renewed clarity and direction for my marketing for both businesses. I can't wait to roll up my sleeves and get to work.

Reanna Werner, Founder, HR Branches

"Now, I have absolute clarity about how to position my offer…"

Frustrated and overwhelmed, I did not know how to communicate my offer to grab the attention of customers. Working with Russ, I was surprised by his attention to detail and in-depth analysis of my website, including the positioning of messaging. He applied research-based principles to generate actionable results. Now, I have absolute clarity about positioning my offer to take the guesswork out of how to attract more clients.

Brittany Sherell, Corporate Trainer and Speaker

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3 Steps to Marketing That Works

1. Request an Appointment

Schedule a 30-minute strategy session to jump-start your journey. We will show you how we can serve your business effectively.

2. Customized Plan

We conduct a free brand message assessment and then review a customized plan together to clarify your marketing.

3. Grow Your Business

We implement the plan together so you attract your ideal customers and then grow your business.

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Find Out How to Grow Your Business With Marketing That Works

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Why Should You Trust Clarified Marketing?

Great solutions deserve to get into the hands of the people who need them. The biggest obstacle to that happening is confusing messaging.

Unclear messaging leaves buyers who need help feeling abandoned, alone, frustrated, and angry. Sometimes, they even walk out of meetings with the companies that can help them. 

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