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Is Confusing Marketing Costing You?

How many buyers don't understand why they need your product?

How many buyers refuse to meet with you or your sales team?

How many quarters have you missed your sales goals?

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Attract Your Ideal Customers

Consistency & Clarity

You will have a consistent clarified message across all marketing channels. Your team will all be on the same page.

Get More Meetings

You will develop better and deeper relationships with prospective buyers and book more meetings.

Increased Sales

See sales increase by connecting better with prospective buyers when you solve their biggest problems.

Make Five Changes and See Results Fast

Make these five changes and see results fast to grab, and KEEP, the attention of more buyers.

We've identified five easy and quick things you can do to market your product or service more effectively with greater clarity. Download now to see how easy it can be to start clarifying your marketing and attract your ideal buyers.

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What Our Customers Say...

“Clarified Marketing helps you discover your own unique story…”

Although we know what we do, explaining it in a way that connects with people can be difficult and frustrating. Clarified Marketing helped us distill what we do into a concise and clear message that connects with customers we serve. We liked how Russ pulled the words out of us, and the process was very organic. Russ over-delivered!

What surprised us was the process. Most marketing 'we've done in the past was "plug and play," very generic, and can attract the wrong customers to your business. Clarified Marketing helps you discover your own unique story and craft it into a message that connects with your ideal customers.

Dr. Eric Snow & Katie Snow, PharmD

“I have renewed clarity and direction for my marketing...”

Oh, My GOODNESS! Just got off the phone with Russ Stalters and my mind is BLOWN! What a goldmine of information. My husband and I own two businesses, and I only asked him to review marketing for one of my companies. But, Russ went above and beyond and reviewed BOTH businesses.

He provided exceptional feedback that included tips and tricks using Kajabi that I didn't even know were possible. My to-do list has grown by leaps and bounds. But, I have renewed clarity and direction for my marketing for both businesses. I can't wait to roll up my sleeves and get to work.  

Reanna Werner, Founder, HR Branches

“With Russ' expert guidance we were able to create clear and effective messaging…”

At Arrow Payments, we provide a complex B2B service in a crowded industry. With Russ's expert guidance we were able to create clear and effective messaging that helped us attract the right prospects and set our services apart from the competition. 

Russ listened carefully to understand our teams' vision and was able to distill our thoughts into effective and compelling copy. We had a very tight turn-around and Russ was able to meet our deadlines. We would definitely work with Russ again in the future.

Marci LaRouech, Vice President Client Success, Arrow Payments

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How We Work Together...

1. Schedule a Call

Schedule a 30 minute strategy session to jump start your journey. We will show you how we can serve your business effectively.

2. Customized Plan

We conduct a free marketing assessment and then review a customized plan together to clarify your marketing.

3. Grow Your Business

We implement the plan together to help you grow your business.

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Why Should You Trust Clarified Marketing?

Great solutions deserve to get into the hands of the people who need them. The biggest obstacle to that happening is confusing messaging.

Unclear marketing leaves buyers who need help feeling abandoned, alone, frustrated, and angry. Sometimes they even walk out of meetings with the companies who can actually help them.

As the founder of Clarified Marketing, I leverage my expertise marketing, selling, and delivering these solutions for the last 20+ years. We also leverage my experience as a Global 20 Executive Decision Maker for 10+ years while at BP and the US Navy to help you do a better job of connecting with your buyers while not confusing them.

I have walked in your shoes and your client’s shoes. One reason I can help you is because I am literally the client you are looking for and trying to connect with.

Now I am on a mission to help you clarify your marketing because I believe I can help you better communicate the problem you solve for your buyers. I use a proven story-based framework from StoryBrand to help you clarify your marketing and build trusted relationships with your buyers.

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