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What is One of The Most Important Marketing Items You Need?

marketing Jul 11, 2019

What do you think is the most important marketing item that you need to have"?

Let's see a website? Ah, no!

A brochure? No!

Business Cards?


Let's see, oh, I need a logo? That's the most important thing!

Absolutely not.

That is not the essential first marketing item that you need.

The most important marketing item that you need is a One-Liner which comes from the movie industry. The One-Liner is used by screenwriters and producers to sell their idea for a movie and get funding. Often, the One-Liner is used to advertise the movie when it comes out.

It's also known as an elevator pitch, but elevator pitches tend to have a bad rap. One reason is most times people follow bad advice, and most recommendations on how to create an elevator pitch are often wrong.

You need to create a One-Liner, and it's a straight forward formula.

  • The first part is the problem. Not your problem but the problem your customer has that you solve.
  • The second part of your One-Liner is the solution (your product or service) that you created to solve their problem.
  • The third part is the result that your customer gets when they buy your product or service.

So, it's a problem, product or service, and then the result your customer gets, and it's that simple.

Here's my One-Liner:

Many businesses confuse customers and then they don’t get to help them. I use a story-based framework to help them create a company narrative that attracts their ideal customers and grows their business.

I have great news!!!

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