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Striving for Excellence, One Amazing and Surprising Example

I watched an excellent documentary about the making of Peter Gabriel’s Album “So” on Amazon Prime Video the other day. The film is called “Peter Gabriel: So” which included interviews of Peter, the artists who performed on the album, and the engineers and producers about their experiences making one of the great albums of our time (in my opinion).

What struck me as I watched, was Peter Gabriel’s almost obsessive attention to detail and the desire to create the perfect recording. It took over a year to record, mix, and produce the Album.

Here are examples of how Peter strived for excellence:

  • He searched and assembled a world-class team who he trusted and relied on for input
  • He was obsessed with achieving what he termed “sonic innovation”
  • He made sure that the songs told stories that moved the audience and made them feel
  • Some portions of the Album were recorded over and over to achieve his vision of perfection
  • For example, the single...
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What Does it Take to Get a Meeting?

branding marketing sales Oct 02, 2018

Last Friday at the Information Governance Conference 2018, I conducted a Vendor Workshop titled “Stop Wasting Money on Marketing”.

One of the questions that came up and that I hear often was “Since you were an IT Executive Buyer, what would get you to take a meeting? Would it be an email or a webinar?” 

Well, here’s the answer I gave.

Unless I knew the person sending the email or if the subject happened to match the big problem I was trying to solve, then that “cold” email was instantly deleted. As for webinars, if your potential buyer is relatively senior at all, they rarely will invest the time for a webinar. Sometimes they will, but it is rare.

So, what can you do?

My recommendation is to contact the influencers on your buyers’ team who he/she listens to. While I was leading the strategy and the teams to manage the information and data for BP from the Gulf Oil Spill I would only meet with potential suppliers and solutions...

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