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Has It Really Been 47 Years? What I Learned from Becoming an Eagle Scout

personal development Sep 25, 2018

Yesterday was a very special day: it’s the 47th anniversary of my becoming an Eagle Scout! 

I didn’t remember this milestone but I received an email yesterday from the National Eagle Scout Association marking the day with the subject, “Happy Eagle Anniversary!”.

As I read through that email the memories of that day and my journey to become an Eagle Scout flooded my memory. I started to reflect on what this meant to me and what I learned from this experience.

That was a very long time ago and it took me several years to finally achieve that significant milestone. Here are some of the lessons I learned along the way:

#1. Any significant accomplishment starts when you take the first step.

I started this journey when I was 8 years old. Throughout the six years, it took to become an Eagle Scout, I would have never achieved this milestone if I had not taken that first step. Remember, you can’t finish something if you don’t start. Take that...

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3 of My Favorite Marketing Books – Have You Read Any of These?

personal development Jul 26, 2018

I love this quote from Stephen King, “Good books don't give up all their secrets at once.” I reread and study some of my favorite books which continue to tell me their secrets.

When I started focusing my business on helping others clarify their marketing books became some of my best friends. They spoke to me in ways mere humans could not, they were a constant companion when traveling, they were there in hotel rooms and while waiting for my flights.

These are some of my favorites – so whether you’re looking for a fresh source of inspiration, education, or just plain entertainment, consider checking these out. There are tons of great titles out there, but these have been really meaningful to me.

Book 1: Beyond Bullet Points: Using PowerPoint to tell a compelling story that gets results by Cliff Atkinson

Communications expert Cliff Atkinson shows how to apply classic storytelling tenets and practical, research-based guidelines as you work with Microsoft...

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